Personal: outgoing introvert, knowledge seeker, voracious reader, ever curious, technically inclined, gadget freak.

Work: I work full-time, am almost done with a degree in CS, and studying web dev in my free time. My focus is on Ruby right now, but ideally I’d like to be involved developing cross-platform/mobile/web applications.

Right now, this is the laziest website ever: basically, just a re-post of all FB and/or Twitter posts, which are generally just re-posts of interesting articles.  Once my school and work schedule start slowing down, I’ll start making some real posts.  In the meanwhile, enjoy!

As to the nom de web, “Embryo Concepts” was the name of the bookstore in Funny Face. I’ve been using it since the ’90s, and while it’s often misconstrued, I know what it means, and it makes me laugh, and that’s ok.

Also found over these-ways, some days:

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